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This website is a Tool Belt of resources for all content area teachers. Create unit lesson plans using the Understanding by Design backward lesson plan model by Wiggins & McTighe focusing on the big ideas we want our students to know. This website provides various links to resources, infecting educators at every level in all content areas to integrate thinking strategies and develop literacy skills (phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) into all units of study.

     Teaching students to understand what they need to know in all content areas is best practice across the nation. Just like our students, teachers need to use tools to integrate strategies into lessons.  I designed this web as a tool to help teachers begin to implement best practices in teaching literacy in lab classrooms. Using the backward designs methods by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe as stated in Integrating Differentiated Instruction & Understanding by Design, teachers plan and create units of study.

    Nanci Atwell explains in her book, In the Middle: Writing, Reading & Learning With Adolescents why the readers and writers workshop model is best practice teaching.  Furthermore, teaching Comprehension Strategies as presented by Stephanie Harvey and Elaine Goudvis in Strategies that Work, and Ellin O. Keene in Mosaic of Thought, support teacherís in developing thinking strategies ultimately supporting students as they work to meet benchmarks and GLE's in all curriculum areas at every level. 

   Teachers of Grades K-5 will find the Units of Study created by Lucy Calkins of great help in getting started, and in this website, there are links to websites and list serves further supporting teachers to embrace this innovation.

     In this web you will find:   Click on the Calendar to view the scheduled year ahead.

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    PMS Nov. 9th, Professional Development

     Please feel free to click on Bibliography and view books available in our Teacher's Literacy Resource Center. Portsmouth Teachers should Email me directly if you would like to borrow any of the books.   

View  videos of classrooms in action using the workshop model.

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Comprehension Websites

Units of Study

Study Driven: A Framework for Planning Units of Study in the Writing Workshop
Katie Wood Ray

Units of Study by Lucy Calkins K-2 Powerpoints on Readers and Writers Workshop

Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement by Robert J. Marzano

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Comprehension Strategies

Links below are available to inform teachers as they create units of study for specific content areas using comprehension strategies from the tool belt.





Determining Importance

Digging For Meaning