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Directions for becoming a member of real writing teachers that Robert posted:

#1.On your computer, go to
#2.Once in the website, on the left sidebar, you will see
that it says: "New Users: Click here to register"
#3 Click that icon and the next screen will ask you for an ID
name. This is where you need to create your own. If you
notice under where it tells you to put in your ID, it gives you examples. I just used my first initial and last name.
#4.Then it asks you for a password. This is where you enter
whatever password you want. (see example) It then asks you to retype your password one more time.
#5.Scroll down and it asks you for more information. Fill in
the blanks and continue down the page doing whatever it
asks of you.If you do not want any of those special
promotional e-mails, do not check the boxes.
#6.I think that the next page asks you what group you want to join. Type in "RealWritingTeachers". (Notice there are no spaces between RealWritingTeachers). Enter it and it will
take you to that group where you will need to continue
following the directions to complete your form for
acceptance into the group. Make your choices based upon how you want to access the information. I checked that I want to get all messages through my e-mail in HTML form. That is
probably what you are looking for.
#7.That should do it!