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Social Studies

     Readers weary of materials celebrating Columbus and his voyages will be refreshed and intrigued by this thought-provoking picture book. The imaginative story examines the first meeting between Columbus and the indigenous peoples of San Salvador (the Taino) through the eyes of a young native boy. The unnamed narrator has been warned in an ominous dream that the strangers may bring trouble to his people. His concerns are ignored, however, and the Taino greet their guests with customary feasting and gifts, only to be repaid by the abduction of several of their young people. Taken among the captives, the boy escapes and slowly makes his way home, trying to convince others along the way that the Spanish pose a threat, but to no avail. Yolen acknowledges in an author's note that no record of the Tainos' reaction to Columbus's arrival is available; this account is instead an evocative imagining of how things might have been. The haunting story is perfectly complemented by Shannon's powerful acrylic paintings. He mentions that, in fact, the Taino did not wear clothing, but feels that his decision to clothe them does not interfere with the plausibility or effectiveness of his presentation. A book that offers readers an alternative perspective on a well-known and much-celebrated historical event. --Lisa Dennis

  • A friend has asked me for recommendations for literature for her 6th graders
    to integrate with her world history lessons.  The emphasis is on ancient
    civilizations, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc. up through the Middle Ages.


  • Geneology

  • Grannie Annie - Writing stories about your families.

  • We The Teachers - You can join and create groups, mini communities for planning, networking, or just hanging out. Write on the chalkboard, make friends, learn from each other.

  • The Industrial Revolution - The Industrial Revolution is an important part of your Social Studies education.  Connecting fiction to real events enables the student to continue making connections and creates a real understanding of historical events.  Check out this book from your library.  It is an intriguing story of a young girl who is forced to work in the mills during the Industrial Revolution.  You will not be able to put it down!

  • History Links

  • Mrs. Domino's Social Studies and Reading Website - I believe it is so important to teach reading skills across the curriculum.  One of the reasons our students are having such a difficult time with the FCATs is because they do not comprehend what they are reading.  They also experience problems reading their textbooks because many of our learners read on a lower level than the textbook was written.  It has become such a critical issue, so if you are a student, parent, or teacher, I hope you will keep coming back to my website for more information on teaching READING ACROSS the CURRICULUM.

  • Learning Island - printable leveled books to use with your social studies lessons, Ages ago the pirate Lea LeLivre came to this island and buried his treasure. It was a treasure of books. If you can find them and dig them up, they're yours to print out and keep!   (Full Story)
    To find the hidden books, move your cursor over the treasure map until you find a hidden link. Clicking it will open that treasure chest of books.   
                                                              (Full Book List)

  • United Streaming (Videos for all contents)

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