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Goals for becoming a Writer.
by Adrienne Eichenberger

  • To truly see themselves as writers, to identify themselves as writers, to live a "writerly life".

  • To have choice in their writing

  • To see how writing is, and can be, important to their lives; to see the relevance of writing and the power writing has for them.

  • To recognize that they have important things to say, that what happens to them, what they think about, what they feel, etc. is worth writing about.

  • To help them become "noticers" and "thinkers" and "wonderers" of and about the world around them.

  • To recognize, celebrate, and appreciate good writing. This means immersing them in a variety of good literature, including their writing and their classmates' writing.

  • To internalize and utilize a variety of genres so they can make intelligent decisions regarding which is best to use for their purposes. This would include a unit on how to write for the *&^%$ state test.

  • To recognize, understand, and use accepted writing conventions and grammar; to understand how these can help them get their message across and have it understood by their readers.

  • To have many opportunities to share and celebrate their own and others' writing.

  • To read like a writer and write like a reader. This, too, means immersing them in a variety of texts.

  • To keep a writer's notebook, and for this notebook to become truly theirs, to become a treasure to them, a treasure they can take gems from as they write and think.